Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Few signs that you are a Gurgaonite

Delhi Dilwalon Ki, Mumbai Paisewalon Ki and Lucknow & Hyderabad Nawabon Ki - these sayings compelled us to think Gurgaon Kiska? We did some research, online and offline, to find out the signs of a modern Gurgaonite and reached some conclusion. You are a Gurgaonite if most of the following stand TRUE for you:
  • You regularly visit malls for a disco, movie or nightout (atleast on weekends - MG Road, NH8,... right?)
  • You are employed in some MNC and work HARD... and party... EVEN HARDER... :)
  • You call up agencies to supply you maids for housekeeping.
  • You face traffic jams everyday but now they have become a part of Gurgaonite lifestyly now. Right dude?
  • You are a member of a world class gym but neither you have time to visit nor there are roads enough so that you can drive in and pump some iron.
  • You face a number of traffic diversions everyday and many are introduced overnight but, again, they have become a part of Gurgaonite lifestyle now. :)
  • You have become a Property, or Real Estate, freak now (if you were not earlier) seeing the zooming prices of property in Gurgaon and plan to buy an apartment soon as an investment.
  • You have thought of becoming a Property, or Real Estate, agent at least ONCE seeing the jump in property prices. Or, atleast you know one or two agents.
There are some other nasty ones too:
  • You see a lot of pigs everyday.
  • You see a lot of traffic policemen trying to keep up the traffic.
  • You witness rise in home rent every six months.
  • You now know how precious water and electricity are.
  • You know all of the companies, whether local or national, which manufacture inverter, UPS and generators.
  • Your friends, relatives or even you have witnessed, or fell prey, to some crime.
Never mind, this is the lifestyle of a Gurgaonite.